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Creativity is more than a passion. It’s a gift that’s impossible to refuse.


Or in my experience, it grabs you and just doesn’t let go…


Many people who hold some sort of creative gift or talent usually have a fascinating success story of them picking up a pencil, paint brush, or instrument, made some magic hocus-pocus with it and all of a sudden they went viral. Or somehow they got YouTube famous and it advanced their career. Their parents believed in them and never questioned whether it was going to work out. Their friends bought everything they made and sold and told other people to do the same. They paid off all their debt and lived happily ever after.

That’s a dream for any creative entrepreneur for sure. Though a true story for some (if that’s you please go away—kidding), is highly unlikely for a lot of creative people. And definitely was not the case for me.

When I became a graphic designer, I thought talent was the way to success. But after much schooling and work experience it just never worked out. The whole finding clients thing was hard. The competition was high. I wanted to give up.

But the more I tried to run away from doing creative work, the more it bothered me. The more I refused it the more it came to me as a voice or a nudge. Until I figured out that a lot of success in running a creative business is about learning how to… be a business. Surprise! And as if that’s not obvious, it really wasn’t at the time.


Success didn’t really unfold the way I expected success to look like.


After I graduated out of design school and worked various jobs, freelanced, and really reeeeallly tried to freelance, I realized that being successful in school had nothing to do with how much money I could make or how prepared I was for the real world of business.

I quickly realized that even though I had won an award, got my work published in a national art magazine, and maybe even sold a few of my creations here and there, it meant squat when it came to getting word out about my business, marketing myself, and getting paid my worth.

I also remember getting into a state of depression when my husband and I got married and pretty much struggled to keep our heads above the water living in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Yet I was only charging $50 for a logo and still no bites. I remember cursing creativity as the worst thing that could ever happen to me.

So what finally changed?

Long story short, I embraced what I had.. I embraced me. After leaving our fancy city and a condo behind, we decided to move to a quieter city. We decided to pursue what mattered to each of us. I started to reframe what success looked like for me, and I took time to heal from wounds of the past. I decided to work on my strengths and to “stay in my lane” as I like to put it. I’m not everyone’s designer. I’m just someone who knows the heart of a creative trying to make a living doing what they love. I am just someone who knows what will make you not only more money but give you more joy. Today I’m proud to rewrite the stories of other entrepreneurs whether that’s by helping them build confidence, do their business in a way that makes them happy, or help them feel successful making money doing what they love.

I want all entrepreneurs to know that branding is more than just a pretty facelift. I want to help you realize the impact you can make, the value you can give, and the dreams that you have permission to chase—today.


About Me

As a designer, I have a vast range of experience serving a diverse number of clients in multimedia agencies, as an in-house designer, and a freelancer. As a business coach and personal brand strategist, one of my greatest abilities is being able to help business owners like you position your brand for strong connections and profitability.

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