Have you ever struggled with:

  • Taking good photos for social media & Instagram?

  • Not being at a stage in your business to work with a professional photographer but need good photos of yourself to drive engagement on your platforms?

  • Building the KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST factor on Instagram to get leads?

  • Feeling like you don’t know how to pose, where to put your hands, and not looking the way you envisioned you would in your photos?

  • Wondering what props to use and how to best use them?

  • Not having all the shots you need that truly reflect you and your brand?

  • Overall just feeling like creating content takes a lot of stress and work?

Hey! I’m Danielle and I hear you! That’s why I’m launching a FREE class on creating your very own DIY photoshoot so you can never say you don’t have nice photos to post on Instagram ever again! I’ve been working HARD on this DIY photoshoot game and had some really good wins and now I want to spill the T on ALL of it! And yes, for FREE!

The catch? That you would love me forever and come back for more!

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